naseema hurzuk

Miss Naseema Mohd. Amin Hurzuk

rajani karkare

Mrs. Rajani Karkare-Deshpande
Vice President

Two dynamic ladies, one wheel chair bound, struck by paraplegia at the age of 16 years, namely Miss Naseema Hurzuk and the other one on crutches due to polio, namely Mrs. Rajani (Karkare) Deshpande along with like minded people like Mr. Manohar Deshbhratar undertook a crusade in 1984 for rehabilitation of persons with disabilities.

The organization has provided assistance to over 10,243 persons with disabilities to the tune of Rs. 2.07 Crores so far and also created infrastructures such as Hostels, Schools, Rehabilitation & Training Centers etc., costing Rs. 9.00 Crores (figures upto 31st March 2016) to ensure more effective and on-going services.